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He didn’t keep it together tho? He made so many mistakes including cutting a corner but that got overlooked because the FIA are biased towards him

he mostly did keep it together. and yeah, the steward’s seemingly arbitrary policy of penalties definitely played into his favour today. i could have seen that going the other way, but i like to think it’s reparations for their nonsense decision in canada this year.

Lando Norris (for the ask thing) 😊

i like him! he seems promising, got a good head on good shoulders, but if he really wants to be a title contender he’s going to have to ditch mclaren

I'm getting so annoyed by these Max/Charles comparisons

hey anon, where are you finding these? im, um, asking for a friend.

no but im definitely guilty of comparing and contrasting them too. and imo it’s difficult not to because all the material is right there. both young, talented, and the most likely of the current crop of young drivers to lift the big trophy sometime in their career, and quite opposing in both driving styles and temperaments. these comparisons pretty much write themselves.

but i will say that it’s a bit too early and unfair to seriously compare them, because leclerc is so early in his career. this is only his first season for a big name team (if they can ever get their shit together), he hasn’t won a race yet and he hasn’t faced imo a really big challenge, a wet race (something that verstappen has done and thoroughly proved himself in multiple times). if you’re comparing the two and leclerc comes up short, it’s unfair to leclerc because he hasn’t had the chance to show what he’s made of yet. if verstappen looks bad, then the criteria youre using to evaluate them probably doesnt have much to do with racing. i wouldnt presume to know why youre annoyed but if i were you it’d have to do with the fact that right now most of the comparisons lack real substance. we can only really go by their ‘personalities’ , like they’re both friends who come around for drinks every sunday that we know pretty well. 

i am definitely one of those people that see and hopes for an epic rivalry between the two of them in the future, when the comparisons can start happening on more even footing.

tldr; these two are begging to be compared, but right now we can only do surface-level light personality comparisons, in the future we’ll be able to more solidly compare their abilities and i want both of them to win a title at least once

Last time a driver was penalised for unsafe release was the same decision as Max had today (5 sec penalty)

well its good the stewards are being consistent. i know its impossible but i wish they couldve excused the penality

It’s a +10 sec so it would just be added to his finishing time so no need to do anything now. He’s not gonna do a pit stop just to do the penalty

oh ok, let maths work out where he falls then

Ra räikkönen

thats the current mood

awww thanks for this! the 5 things that make me happy are

  1. my two precious puppers
  2. max verstappen finishing a race
  3. fernando alonso finishing a race
  4. ferrari not fucking up/having miserable luck
  5. good snacks when the race is on

well he was going the wrong way but yeah otherwise it was ok i guess

i dont know who ‘you guys’ are my position is that i really hate team orders but i also get why theyre needed…it’s very much a staple and at times you’d have to be stupid not to use team orders…im mostly depressed about the environment that facilitates team orders

and i think today’s race really highlighted how absurd it can be, what with raikkonen being forced to play second fiddle and the mercedes’ back and forth

thats why im in awe of hamilton giving back bottas’ position. he sacrificed his chance to close the gap to vettel, for the sake of fairness and it’s so so so admirable. if only vettel could have done the same

tldr; i get why ferrari have to use team orders but i deeply wish they didn’t. you can lump me in with the people unhappy with team orders, but you’ll never hear me complain when team orders arent used. sometimes the points arent worth it, as lewis hamilton showed us today and that was definitely one of the highlights of the season for me, more than the ferrari 1-2