@sleepyverstappens well……????? at least it’s some variety in the fuckups??? haven’t seen ‘penalty because false start’ in a while??? I’m trying really really hard to be optimistic here

also can i just say that my hopes for 2019 and everyone’s esteem of Leclerc on here have roughly fallen at the same rate and I think that’s funny

@yrmamilsa thank you ❤️, pacing around my room generally gets me back to normal in a bit

also i dont know what happened for vettel to not be in p1 any more but i really doubt it was misfortune in the face of Ferrari’s consummate competence

@teddybearofdeath thanks….i mean at this point it happens often enough that I know the drill

oh a max retirement???? almost glad I was busy feeling like my life was ending instead of having to see yet another of those

haha i was supposed to be giving the race a miss since it’s at too awkward a time for me, but 2am panic attacks can open windows you didn’t know were there

just saw this on reddit and lost my shit


THIS 🔼🔼🔼

that was a fun race. i woke up after four hours of sleep, the drivers of the team i support were fighting, egged on by the team, it all turned out to be for nothing, leclerc came across as an entitled brat and ferrari is incompetent. it’s barely 9am and im tired