Before a rain storm of weather posts begin reg…

Before a rain storm of weather posts begin regarding the Singapore Grand Prix.

A friendly FYI for those either new to F1, this sub or who are not aware of local Singapore weather patterns:

  • It rains almost every day in Singapore. Even if for only an hour.

  • Singapore is proper tropical climate. It’s predicted to rain every day. 30 degrees and aprox 80% humidity all year round will do that. Last year it poured down at around 5pm during a support race. Until it actually began to rain before the Grand Prix, you wouldn’t have known it did.

  • When it does rain, usually it dries with the hour.

  • Yes, it did rain before and at the start of the race last year. Rain at night at that time of the year is highy unusual though. Rain is usually early mornings or late afternoons.

So let’s just see that happens r/formula1 family. Don’t try to predict because we’ll probably be left disappointed.

Having lived in Singapore for a number of years these are my experiences.

Also a pro tip for those attending and exploring Singapore before the race: Go to Tiong Bahru hawker center. See the market downstairs and food hall upstairs. Get your Chicken Rice there. It is So much more authentic and a hell of a lot better then from Maxwell or other places that have been advertised via TV or travel guides. You have been advised.