[Opinion] Driver Of The Day vote shouldn&rsquo…

[Opinion] Driver Of The Day vote shouldn’t end immedietaly on the finish line

as stated in topic – i think, that the driver of the day shouldn’t close down at the chequered flag.

I have at least 3 reasons, why:

– there is a slight chance, where the vote is closed, and the driver of the day is yet to perform THE manouver. like when felippe massa won the title in 2008, when winning the race, while hamilton took it away in the last few corners, after the flag dropped.

– lags. i watch f1 through internet livestream of broadcaster in my country – fully legal, paid option. i often chat with my friend on messenger, while doing it – he watches it on cable tv of the same broadcaster. just last sunday i’ve had multiple messages, that reached me a few seconds before i saw, what happened. he probably also had lag over TV, compared to what acctually happened.

– time it takes to vote. like probably most of the voters, i vote with my smartphone. and the system, that is currently in place, makes no sense whatsoever. we have the large pictures of the drivers, and they are in completely random order. why not make it in the form of the easy to read list with name of the driver, his team and button “vote”?

EDIT: (forgot to post my proposed solution)
we could have the vote close at the end of post-race pit interviews. after that drivers go to get weighed, and go to the podium – that leaves time for the liberty to count votes and show us, who won the vote.