please read ( it’s long but please read )

so since World Cup starts today

Listen : World Cup is so much more than nations playing football against each other.

it’s about the WHOLE world being in football fever.

it’s about players crying during the anthem because they are so proud to represent their nation.

it’s about people supporting their nations all together.

It’s about new legendary moments.

it’s about cheering your national mans.

it’s about being proud about your nation.

it’s about winning and losing as a whole nation.

World Cup is full of emotions.

you cry and you scream and you laugh.

World Cup shows solidarity.

World Cup shows love.

World Cup shows respect.

so please even when ur nation loses, never be disrespectful against other nations or your own nt players.

we are all human, we all make mistake and it doesn’t matter from where we are. never be a racist. that’s disgusting.