Story about Kubica winning Polish Championship in Colin McRae…

Story about Kubica winning Polish Championship in Colin McRae Rally Game in 2005 and being accused of cheating.

I know there is plenty of Kubica content here and some redditors are getting annoyed by it but this story is quite interesting and kind of funny.

So in 2005, a young unknown Robert Kubica decided to participate in Polish Championship in Colin McRae Rally Game. He wasn’t famous driver a that point and also wasn’t known within Colin McRea Game community.

Contenders of the tournament were people absolutely obsessed with the game, spending hundreds of hours playing it, learning circuits by hart and logging their results online to compare with others. So it was pretty “elite” group of people.

Kubica who himself admitted that he did not have his own computer and started playing the game 2 days before the tournament, qualified to the finals with 5th time (with 30s penalty). In the final, referee did a mistake by adding additional 60s to Kubica time and as a result some other guy was initially announced the winner but after short while, referee recognized his mistake and deducts 60s of Kubica time. As a result Kubica won with 0.7s better time then the second guy. So the Championships were finished and everybody seemed to be happy.

However on the next day somebody accused Kubica of cheating on official forum of the event. More people and contenders joint the discussion and started accusing Kubica and organizations of cheating claiming that is is just not possible for somebody that came out of nowhere to beat all the best players in the country. Kubica also joined the discussion and tried explained that he wasn’t cheating and just came over to have some fun. He also said that he do not care about the title and is happy to sent the trophy to whoever they want. He also expressed his disappointment of being accused of cheating. Discussion goes on, Kubica after seeing that he will not convince anybody just stop posting. A the end, one of organizers of the event took voice and said that everything was correct, nobody cheated and got upset about entire discussion. The subject was closed and archived. Here it is if anybody would be interested (it is in Polish):

Kubica login is RK.

Here is also a photo gallery and summary of the event:

I though to post it here as I find it quite interesting how people reacted at that time and also I think it is another evidence of how talented this guy is.