[MEGATHREAD] US Coverage Moves to ESPN for 2018 // Streaming…

[MEGATHREAD] US Coverage Moves to ESPN for 2018 // Streaming Service Speculation

Today we learned that F1 in the US is going to ESPN in 2018

Will Buxton says, “it’s been a blast. Who knows what the future holds. All I can say is that the last five years have been an honour and a joy”.

The NBC Statement about not entering into a new agreement with F1 included this line:

In this case, we chose not to enter into a new agreement in which the rights holder itself competes with us and our distribution partners.

Which has led to speculation as to F1 launching an official, international streaming service.

Please use this thread for discussion around the change of broadcaster in the US and for speculation about what that mysterious line in the NBC statement could mean. Thank you!