F1 | Hamilton dubbioso sul valore dei piloti IndyCar

F1 | Hamilton dubbioso sul valore dei piloti IndyCar:

F1 | Hamilton doubtful of the skill of Indycar drivers

Lewis Hamilton has much to say about Fernando Alonso’s driving abilities, but after his fifth place in his first ever Indianapolis qualifying, he started to have doubts as to the skills of Indycar drivers.

The three time world champion of Formula 1, Lewis Hamilton, did not pull any punches when talking about his colleagues from Indycar, during an interview with the French newspaper L’Equipe. The English driver let loose one laugh too many, which was promptly underlined by the journalist that interviewed him, and Lewis revealed quite clearly his thoughts towards the drivers of the biggest American open-wheel car championship.

I’ve seen the qualifying, and frankly…. (Lewis starts laughing) Fernando, in his first ever qualifying managed to get the fifth fastest time… (continues laughing). What does this tell us about Indy?”. He then continues “Seeing him fifth, in front of drivers who compete in that category all year round is… (pause) Interesting!”

Having said that, Hamilton expressed his disinterest in trying to achieve the so-called Triple Crown (Monaco F1, Indy500, Le Mans): “I understand this desire for drivers to recreate the success that Graham Hill had, but I am not interested. Indy is not fun for me. Neither is Le Mans. Although, I respect who makes a different decision from mine”

Lewis then reveals his admiration towards the champions of MotoGP” “What to do after F1? I think about it every day. MotoGP would be awesome, a brilliant idea. Too bad that I am too old for it. This winter I asked Valentino Rossi for a challenge at the Ranch. Don’t say that to Toto Wolff though. He might show up and make us all fall”

(Original article on formulapassion.it. Translation is sorely mine, I apologize for any mistakes)