2018 Mexican GP Qualifying – Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull) [2058×3079] https://ift.tt/2BvWjv0

2019 Singapore GP – Antonio Giovinazzi (Alfa Romeo) [3542×3193] https://ift.tt/2W2AjRU

Fernando Alonso, Scuderia Ferrari

Fernando Alonso, Scuderia Ferrari

→ Sebastian Vettel Azerbaijan 2017

1970 Mexican Grand Prix, with 200,000 strong crowd overflowing at the tracks edge https://ift.tt/2PaHy95

[OT] Alonso was asked about Hamilton’s “controversial” quotes: “"My eating habits or my ideas, as I just explained, I think I would keep them for myself. I would never release the message that Lewis released, for example, because you can’t send a message and then do the opposite the next day” https://ift.tt/33N3gUI

Ferrari F138 at Nürburgring https://ift.tt/2MCmBlX

→ Kimi Räikkönen : Japanese GP 2019

So cool, from this angle, to visually experience what it kind of feels like. When he hits the gas… oh man. So violent yet so smooth. https://ift.tt/2pCzrHI